Making starting a business easier & more cost effective

I am the founder and CEO of a multi million pound global company Perky Pear who in just 2 short years secured a 7 figure investment and launched the business into the USA from the UK. I started in my mums living room but with my education and career background in marketing and design it allowed me to create my brand and market my business free of charge and I’m here to help you launch and save money!

I’ve created the ultimate easy to follow Step by step guides to starting your own business. Whatever field you’re going into!

Whether it’s an easy step by step guide or a custom consultancy service you want I’m here to help you start your business and save you money in the process allowing you to be profitable faster!
 I understand the struggles first hand of not being able to find all the information you need in one place that actually gives you a solid step by step plan to create an online business. When you do finally know what you need you are also charged thousands of pounds for logo’s, branding  marketing plans and content and it can be a lot to outlay when you’re starting out. Trouble is if you don’t do these things properly you can also risk not getting customers! I’m here to help set you up and save you money in the process! Read more on how I can do this for you here

A step by step easy guide to setting up a business with little money

Create professional branding and content wth no design skills!

Learn how to market your business, source suppliers & more

Our guides give you easy to follow information on how to start your business in easy steps from admin work, design and even how to ship a product, find a manufactorer  and much more!

It explains what apps and software you can use to create your own professional marketing materials and online content to build a brand and how to do basic PR and marketing to shout about your business!

It’s short and sweet and has all the key information to starting a business in one place! Although it is called BOSS BABE 101 all information also applies to any BOSS MEN out there too!


What’s working for us and tips you can implement!

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