“I have worked in the marketing & design industry for 7 years including for my own 7 figure company”

My name is Samantha Ryder and I am the owner of a well established company and brand Perky Pear. I launched Perky Pear lift & shape tape 3 years ago from my mums living room and now we are a UK & US company leading the way with our products and stocked by well know retailers globally. I created and still create all of our marketing materials, packaging design, social media content, web design , product design and launched my business from scratch with no outside help. From sourcing a manufacturer, creating the company accounts, Domain to sourcing and launching currier services. The whole lot!


I paid over £12,000 to get my marketing & design degree and invested £20,000 into starting my company in 2016 which is now worth 7 figures. I invested in my future and now I can pass my knowledge and skills on to you.

I have all the logistics, design, marketing tools and business contacts to help you succeed. My experience and skillset allowed me to save money whilst starting up my company & I want to help you do the same with my consultancy packages launching soon and helpful guides which you can purchase at any time on the shop page

“What’s the catch, why is the price SO good?”

As consultancy isn’t my full time job due to running my company full time it means I don’t rely on this for my full income and I don’t have staff to pay in the Boss Babe Academy meaning I can afford to help you for a fraction of the price that others could as I also don’t need to employ or pay anyone else as my skillset is incredibly wide!

“We don’t just sell information we give you the tools to progress!”

At Boss Babe Academy we aim to provide women with all of the tools they need to create a thriving business! We differ from other motivational girl boss sites and consultants because we don’t just sell the merchandise and products and make you look the part, we give you all of the information you need to actually go and DO what you need to do to create a business and turn your ideas into a reality!

I’m not another company offering vague information on how to develop a social media following or offering online webinars that cost £50 and still leave you wondering…Yes but HOW?!!

“You wont find vague instructions”

You won’t find vague instructions, just easy to follow steps in our ultimate Boss Babe business guides written by me. I provide detailed and in depth, step by step guides to creating a business from start to finish covering all those nitty gritty questions such as branding and marketing to setting up a website and even where to go to create amazing content without a design or marketing degree in sight! My aim is to finally provide a simple yet in depth business start up guide giving you all the tools and tips you need to start a kick ass business yourself from scratch.

If you would like a more personalised package and the work done for you, my consultancy packages can be found here

If you are looking for just easy step by step DIY guides you can shop our 24 page guide! For £12.99 here