“Start a kick ass business from scratch”

At Boss Babe Academy we aim to provide women with all of the tools they need to create a thriving business! We differ from other motivational girl boss sites because we don’t just sell the merchandise and products and make you look the part, we give you all of the information you need to actually go and DO what you need to do to create a business and turn your ideas into a reality!

We aren’t another brand offering vague information on how to develop a social media following or offering online webinars that cost £50 and still leave you wondering…Yes but HOW?!!

We provide detailed and in depth, step by step guides to creating a business from start to finish covering all those nitty gritty questions such as branding and marketing to setting up a website and even where to go to create amazing content without a design or marketing degree in sight! Our aim is to finally provide a simple business start up guide giving you all the tools and tips you need to start a kick ass business yourself from scratch.

“You wont find vague instructions”

You won’t find vague instructions, just easy to follow steps in our ultimate Boss Babe 101 business guide written by our in house boss babe CEO! With a successful business under her belt which generated six figure revenue sales in less than a year and a 1st class degree in marketing and design and a background in the digital marketing and advertising industry she reveals all the information and tips she has learnt along the way in our 24 page guide! For £15.99 we think this is the ultimate bargain!

We also sell fun stuff too!