Our Boss Babe 101 easy step by step guide is launching soon but here’s a tester of what’s inside so you can see just how much information we squeeze into just 24 pages! Throughout the book our author uses a business idea/ example to show you how to take this business idea and make it into a business, create branding and market it to make it profitable!

Below is just a snippet of sections of the book to show you how easy and informative our BOSS BABE 101 guide really is!

CONTENT IS KEY (Our book gives you lots of tips to creating a strong brand image and marketing your business! 

Sometimes getting more followers and engagement on your posts can be as simple as the type of content you post and the times you post them! For instance if you post a lot of content containing MONEY OFF content such as “20% off all week” it’s likely that no one will like these posts or engage with them. Engagement can mean liking, sharing or commenting on a post. If your followers aren’t engaging with your content then their friends won’t see the post either as posts only flag up to you if the post has been engaged with by a friend/ someone you’re following. Remember that the more people who engage with your content the more your posts will show up in their feeds due to the new Instagram algorithm making your products/brand more visible which can lead to more sales!


MEMES: Everyone has interacted with a meme at some point. They’re the ones with an image and one or two lines of text which are usually highly relatable. These types of posts get people tagging other people as they can relate to it and the more people tagged in these posts the more people see your page. It’s also great for building brand values/ attitudes. If people can relate to your posts and content then they see you as a brand they can relate too and trust making them more likely to check out your website and buy into your brand. Using the Tinie Totts example I’ve been using throughout this book, who’s target market is mums, we could create a meme of Kim Kardashian’s famous crying face and a line or two such as “ When you’ve just cleaned the house and they come home from nursery”. Your meme should relate to your target market in order for it to be successful. As Tinie Totts is going to be a nursery and have a website for bookings and selling branded merchandise this meme also relates heavily to the field business is in.

FINDING A SUPPLIER/MANUFACTORER (Got a product idea or just want branded up products? We got you!: 

Finding a supplier for your product(s) (if you are going to be selling products) is always good to do after you have created your branding. This makes it easier for you to show the manufactorer/supplier what you want and even show a mock up of your logo on the product so they can see clearly your requirements. Here is an example I created based on the previous pages you have read so far. I have created my logo and have found a supplier or manufactorer for my muslin cloths which I will be selling on my website which we also set up previously (if you’re following the steps). I have then created an advert on social media advertising the branded muslin cloths. See page 12 on how to create social media content.

You can see how by following the steps in this book it is now looking like Tinie Totts is a professional business with a service and products to sell with professional looking social media adverts!


That was just a taster! We hope you liked it. You can pre order your BOSS BABE 101 guide now and if you sign up to our newsletter you can get 15% off! SHOP HERE:






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