Starting a business involves a lot of things but when you’ve set up the legal requirments without design work such as content for your website, leaflets, posters, social medial posts and a brand identity then you’re still invisbale to your consumers!

Our book explained what websites and apps you can use to create stunning professional looking content, logos and more with no design skills what so ever! Sounds too good to be true right? Well we promise you that we explain it all and it involves no extra cost. We try to save you money giving you the tools and information to create branded materials so you don’t have to pay someone to do it!

Here’s a taster:

“Acquiring a logo won’t be completely free but it’s a lot cheaper creating a logo on these websites than hiring a designer and you get to edit it yourself! There are a few really great websites where you can create your own logo. Logo Joy is super easy and you get a lot of creative freedom to edit your logo how you want! Creating a logo on these logo generating sites keeps costs low initially and you can add your professional looking logo to your website, social channels and marketing materials etc to get going! You can always get a more tailored logo later on but they actually do look pretty nice and very tailorable! Using the Tinie Totts example I’ve created a logo here to show you how easy it is! Check out the websites below. Here I show you how you can create your own logo from scratch!”

Image formats can seem confusing but don’t worry! Once you have created your logo I explain the formats you will need the logo in for your website, print materials and more! :

“I would choose the option that allows you to have your Logo in different formats like EPS. EPS/ VECTOR basically mean HIGH resolution which means your logo can be shrunk and blown up (like on big banners) and still look super clear! If you’re developing a product and need packaging then the packaging companies usually ask for your logo in a vector format. A high resolution logo is also ideal for print materials too! The transparent background logo (PNG format) is great for putting on coloured backgrounds so if your website has a coloured background etc you can use this version. As you can see this price option gives you all these formats plus more! *Once you have your logo you might want to trademark it! Go back to the previous page where I talk about protecting your brand!* This may not apply to you if you won’t be using your brand name for a product it’s up to you!”


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